With The Heat, Plays to Take Advantage of Your Old T-Shirts

Few items are so popular in summer as a short sleeve t-shirt. Although shirt be thousand years, even if it is super simple, is a garment that can take much advantage. You look at it how look it on the street to get those colors t-shirts, those t-shirts with the message, or even those simple t-shirts in black and white back to regain prominence in your closet:

The white t-shirts they are a great Joker. With jeans, a white blazer and heels are elegant and highlight our tanned skin.

But also the black t-shirts they can save us some look. Especially if stick them a shares and left showing the navel, as they are this season. So if you have a t-shirt oversize who long ago that you don’t wear, you have DIY facilitated to get it back.

The t-shirts in colors You can animate a simple look with flight or black shorts skirt.

And even t-shirts with message may be subtracted formality to the midi skirt that both takes this summer. who said that the old t-shirts could not create looks stylish?

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