16 Looks from the Fall or Winter for Anyone Who Is Not a Substitute for Bermuda

There are people who like both of use bermuda that does not excuse the piece or in seasons like autumn or winter, when the common sense tells us that the best thing would be to protect any part of our body that might be exposed to. We already know that many of our readers must have this habit, then do it with style, below are some tips and examples of how to use the bermuda day cooler:

16 Looks from the Fall or Winter for Anyone Who Is Not a Substitute for Bermuda

Shorts with a shirt and lightweight mesh

The combination with the mesh and the shirt is great to take a bit of that rancid outfit leisure, giving you a chance to ask for environments that require a bit more of your clothing than a simple ‘ shorts and t-shirt”. The simple presence of the collar leaving the collar gives an air more “serious” the combination, contributing to a sleeker look. The footwear can be between the casual shoes and sneakers, since this is not very sporting.

Shorts with a sweatshirt or knit

In a combo stripped the sweatshirt and the blouse knitting closed appear as options suitable for any occasion, totally relaxed, where the leisure appears with the main activity. If you want to enter some information that let the look more interesting, try stripes, but be careful with exaggerations, especially if you have a problem with the balance. Here shoes style Converse (All Star) or Vans, but there is also space for a moccasin or a boat shoe.

Shorts with cardigan

Every piece of buttoning has the effect of adding more style to the set and the cardigan is no different. If we take into account that bermuda is an outfit extremely simple, always it is desirable to complement it with something that enriches the final result, in addition to a few cool accessories to close with perfection.

Shorts with a blazer

This is one of the combinations that definitely is not among my favorites, because I think the blazer the middle of “over” to be used with the bermuda, but there are fans of this costume for some time. The more daring may opt to use pieces contrasting, other, more discrete, for one item in the bold color combined with a neutral, and the totally “low profile” by combining only neutral tones and light. In this case the casual shoes if you show strong, but the shoes are still on the game, since you learn to balance the degree of coincidence of the parts.

Shorts with a coat or jacket

In my opinion it is a choice more consistent than the blazer, because it’s a piece more informal, provided that you do not choose a trench coat, of course. The coat short, or a jacket are ideal to protect from the cold, and even create combinations and stylish in cold days, where overlays of the pieces with knitwear, polos, t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts are very welcome.


Knitwear thick can form good looks, but be careful not to overdo it, too much volume in the top part of it can be disproportionate too!

A way to create an original look, but discreet is to invest in only one piece colored and the other neutral, in this case the gray tones are ideal, because they are not as heavy as the black, as for the other piece (be it top or bottom) can be in one tone winter is strong as wine, violet, navy, or brown.

Many see this type of combo as something very natural, but do not think that is a costume for any occasion, the work environment in the autumn or winter is not a place for shorts, unless you live in a city very hot and your company to free up the dress code.