Abzakovo, Russia

Abzakovo, Russia

The Abzakovo ski center is located on the eastern slopes of one of the South Ural ridges – Krykty-Tau, in the vicinity of Mount Shaitan, which is 60 km from Magnitogorsk and 3 km from Novoabzakovo station. This resort has long been a favorite vacation spot for residents of Magnitogorsk, but in recent years its popularity has reached the all-Russian level – primarily due to the modern ski complex built here. According to COUNTRYAAH, Russia is a country that starts with letter R.

Abzakovo attracts not only lovers of active winter recreation, but also professional athletes. Every year, training and recovery camps of Russian teams in cross-country skiing and biathlon, alpine skiing are organized here, stages of the Russian Cup are held, as well as numerous sports events and festivals. The skiing season lasts from late November to early May.

There are usually no problems with accommodation, various options are offered – from inexpensive rooms to VIP-class apartments. But on the eve of the “high season” it is better to book rooms in advance.

How to get to Abzakovo

The branded train “Southern Ural” departs from the Kazansky railway station in Moscow on even numbers and arrives at the station “Novoabzakovo” in 1.5 days. Ticket price – from 3000 RUB. From the station to the ski complex itself is only 3 km. Prices on the page are for April 2021.

Air communication connects Moscow and Magnitogorsk. Aeroflot planes fly there from Sheremetyevo Airport, and UTair planes fly from Vnukovo. Flight time 2.5 hours. From Magnitogorsk airport to Abzakovo you can take a taxi for about 1500 RUB.

Since the Moscow flight arrives in Magnitogorsk late at night and early in the morning, it is better for tourists to take care of the transfer in advance. Otherwise, a taxi will have to be ordered in Magnitogorsk, and this will take time. Catching a private trader here is unrealistic. Getting to the resort from the railway station in Magnitogorsk is much easier – minibuses go to Abzakovo from there.

There is a helipad on the territory of the Abzakovo ski complex.

Abzakovo tracks

In total, there are 13 tracks in Abzakovo with a total length of 18 km with a height difference of up to 320 m, including 4 FIS tracks for slalom and giant slalom. Trails of different difficulty levels – 4 green, 5 blue and 4 red. The necessary level of snow cover is maintained by artificial snowmaking – 8 tracks are equipped with snow cannons. Every day the skiing surface is leveled with the help of snowcats. For biathletes, 10 km of ski slopes and 30 firing lines are provided. There is also a snowmobile track and a winter fun park. Almost all ski areas are located in clearings of coniferous forests.

Night skiing, which is organized twice a week, and in the high season – every day, guarantees the thrill of sensations. There are trails for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Most of the main trails are divided into easier and more difficult sections – this is good for families. Fans of other winter sports can spend time on the skating rink, biathlon shooting range and ski track, ride horse sledges.

There are 5 drag lifts, a baby lift and a chairlift that connects the hotel complex with the top of the slope on the ski slope. The ascent on the cable car takes 16 minutes, during which time more than 2 km are covered. The total capacity of the lifts is 5200 people per hour.

Discounted prices and special conditions are provided for residents of Sanatorium Yubileiny LLC and Abzakovo LLC, owned by the Abzakovo Group of Companies.

Ski pass prices vary on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. You can pay for lifts or time spent in the ski resort. The cost of one lift is from 200 RUB. Ski pass for 3 days – from 3700 RUB. There is equipment rental and a ski service workshop on site – skiing or snowboarding for two hours will cost from 600 RUB. At the foot of the slope there is a parking lot, a left-luggage office, a first-aid post, a cafe and barbecue houses. You can read more about prices and the complex on the website.

Hotels in Abzakovo

The hotel complex “Abzakovo” is located on the territory of the ski resort of the same name. This is a whole town of buildings and individual cottages with accommodation in rooms of all categories. The cost of living with three meals a day is from 2900 RUB per person per day.

In the vicinity of the Abzakovo Group of Companies, you can rent bungalow studios and cottages – from 2800 RUB per person per day. There are accommodation options in hotel complexes, recreation centers and apartments in the Novoabzakovo village.

What to bring

As a memory of visiting Abzakovo, you can bring not only traditional magnets, which are made here even from cedar, but also real products of Ural craftsmen. Souvenir shops offer gifts and souvenirs made from natural minerals and ornamental stones of the Urals – magnesine, dolomite, onyx, aventurine, jade, serpentine, as well as jewelry made from natural Ural stones. Hockey fans will certainly be interested in souvenirs with the symbols of the Metallurg hockey club in Magnitogorsk, and those with a sweet tooth will not resist the sweets and cookies of the local Magnitogorsk factory.

Cafes and restaurants in Abzakovo

The dining room in the Assol building invites tourists for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A complex lunch for residents will cost 450 RUB. In building number 3 of the hotel complex “Abzakovo” there is a cafe “Altyn” – here you can try not only European dishes, but also national Bashkir cuisine. On Fridays and Sundays, the “School of a young chef” operates in it. Lunch in the cafe of the entertainment complex “Non-Stop” will cost – 500 RUB. Cafe “Vesta” at the top of the slope offers skiers not only a delightful view, but also a large selection of hot dishes and drinks. You can eat Russian pancakes at the Arges’Ski snack bar, try Caucasian cuisine dishes at the Mars cafe at the foot of the mountain, and have a bite to eat between swimming – right in the water park – in the Dolphin Aqua Bar, in addition to cold snacks and various pastries, they also serve dumplings with pancakes.

Entertainment and attractions of Abzakovo

In Abzakovo you can combine winter and summer activities. In the water park “Aquarium” all year round the temperature is maintained – water + 29 ° C. For lovers of swimming – a swimming pool of 300 sq. m and a children’s pool of 100 sq. m, 3 water slides up to 42 m long, jacuzzi and Finnish sauna.

There are 2 spa salons at the service of tourists – in the Aquarium water park and the building of the hotel complex. Vacationers are offered all types of massage, anti-cellulite and relaxation programs, various types of peeling and body wraps. In the medical building, you can undergo an examination and take advantage of physiotherapy procedures – hardware vibration massage, UHF, UZT, Dia-Dens therapy, drug amplipulsophoresis, and a speleoclimatic chamber.

There is a zoo on the territory of the ski complex. It is located in a forest zone where more than 30 species of animals are kept – brown bears, wolves, raccoon dogs, Amur tigers, ostriches, bison, etc. Some animals can be treated with food, which is sold directly on the territory.

The two-story entertainment complex NON-STOP offers its visitors a 4-lane bowling alley, 15 billiard tables, 2 table tennis tables, air hockey, and a children’s playroom where children over three years old can be left under the supervision of a teacher. Every Friday and Saturday there are discos and show programs. Films are shown in the small and large cinema halls.

There is a skating rink in the ski center, you can rent skates in the water park building. For lovers of horseback riding, there is an opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, sleigh rides are provided, and for kids – pony rides.

Weather in Abzakovo

Steady snow cover in the resort lasts from late November to early April. The best time for skiing: the end of February-March, when the daytime air temperature does not fall below -15 ° C.

At the end of January, there are severe frosts here, but due to the dry climate and lack of wind, they are not felt very strongly.

Abzakovo, Russia