Attractions in Mayotte

Attractions in Mayotte

Saziley Nature Reserve on Mayotte

The tricolor is blowing in front of the public buildings, but the inhabitants of the island of Mayotte in the Strait of Mozambique are African in their hearts. It is one of the four islands of the Comoros, politically part of France but geographically undisputed part of Africa. Mayotte is a tropical natural paradise with untouched rainforests, beautiful beaches and a fascinating underwater world. The Saziley Nature Park is a highlight of this island.

Paradise in the Indian Ocean

Divers will find their Eldorado in the nature park of Saziley. There you will be accompanied by sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The sea in one of the largest lagoons in the world is so clear that the view extends thirty meters to the bottom of the sea. The park is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails and offers nature trails through a grandiose exotic nature. The island has a total of eighty white and black beaches – some of the most beautiful are across a pass road at Pointe Saziley.

A lagoon protects from the ocean

Mayotte consists of two main islands, Grande Terre and Petit Terre. There are also numerous uninhabited shores outside the huge lagoon. An offshore coral reef enables safe bathing in the nature park of Saziley. However, sharks, manta rays and whales are very easy to spot from the beach. Snorkelers rave about the rich variety of colorful fish and magnificent coral banks. The lagoon protects against storms.

Fifty different types of orchids

The rainforests of the Saziley Nature Park are shaped by the mighty baobabs and takamkas. A number of plants on Mayotte can only be found on this island – among other things, over fifty different orchid species have been cataloged. But this is also the home of maki and lemur species and the Seychelles fruit bats, which hide in the bushes of the rainforests during the day and leave their hiding spots at dusk and populate the sky over Mayotte.

Image: Maki on the island of Mayotte

Lagoon on Mayotte

Mayotte is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean near the Comoros. The main island, on which most of the 160,000 inhabitants live, is also called Mayotte, but is also called “Grande Terre”. It belongs to the overseas territory of France. In addition to many other natural beauties, the main island’s lagoon is the island’s most important attraction. At 1200 square kilometers, it is also the largest lagoon in the world. It is completely enclosed by a huge, magnificent coral reef. Despite its beauty, the island is still an insider tip for travel, so it has been able to maintain a calm atmosphere.

Flora Fauna

Mayotte has a rich flora and fauna in the countryside. This ranges from baobabs to coconut palms, bamboo and flowering plants to mangrove swamps that line the island’s coast almost everywhere. In addition, tulip trees bloom here as well as numerous orchids and other original plants that can only be found here. Numerous monkeys, reptiles, amphibians and bats hide in the dense tropical and dry forests.

The archipelago is even more famous for its diverse underwater world. Countless colorful corals, anemones and sponges as well as many brightly colored fish species cavort in the extensive reefs around the island. Humpback whales also visit the warm waters regularly. The wide, white beaches serve as breeding grounds for the rare green sea turtles.


During study trips to Mayotte, vacationers have a good selection of different activities. Although most of them concern the large lagoon and the sea, the possibilities also include hikes on the island, the lovingly landscaped botanical garden and the Ecomuseum in Bandrelé.

The diverse coral reef invites you to go on boat trips to which extensive diving and snorkeling courses can be connected. In addition to these, excursions into the mangrove forests are also offered by ship. At the right times, turtles, dolphins and whales can be observed both from land and from water, the latter not infrequently with their calves.

Attractions in Mayotte