Minsk Travel Guide

Minsk is a city of beautiful squares and many parks. Gateway to Belarus With a population of about two million, Minsk is the capital of Belarus, located in the central part of the country. Mass tourism cannot be found in Minsk – it is hard to believe that the city is only a fair flight […]

The Finnish road network

How to Get to Finland

Entry EU or Swiss citizens need a valid identity card or passport to enter the country. There are no customs controls at the borders with Sweden and Norway. Public holidays January 1st – New Years Day January 6th – Epiphany (Loppiainen) May 1st – Labor Day (Vappu) Saturday between April 20th and 26th. June – […]

Portugal 4

Travel Destinations in Portugal

By car across the country Due to the short distances, traveling by car is a recommended option in Portugal if you want to see several destinations on the same trip. Traveling between larger cities is also possible by train. Getting around cities is easy thanks to affordable public transport. Taxis are also cheap compared to […]


The Huge Potential of Ukraine

In Greater Ukraine, a tourist can spend their holidays in the eastern metropolises, on the shores of the Black Sea or even in the Carpathian ski resorts. According to countryaah, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of area. The country, still living in a slight lack of tourism, already had time […]


Sunny Dominican Republic

With Latin rhythms and sunny sandy beaches, the Dominican Republic is a laid back beach resort where worries are forgotten. The Dominican Republic wins the tourist side with its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and Caribbean hospitality. When the explorer Kristoffer Columbus once stepped on the island of Hispaniola, he described it in his diary as paradise. […]


Brazil As a Tourism Country

Rio, samba, football, the beach and a little bikini – that’s Brazil in a nutshell. You will go to Brazil to enjoy the warmth and sun as well as to experience its magnificent beaches and wonderful nature. Often, however, people remain the top memory. Heartfelt Brazil Brazilians are colorful, pulsating and immersive like a carnival procession. […]

Indonesia Travel Package

Indonesia Travel Package

Whether you are interested in tropical white sand beaches, fantastic cuisine, tribes from another age or an encounter with outstanding orangutans, you will find it in Indonesia. The world’s largest island kingdom also offers rice terraces, impressive temples and much, much more ..  Short for IN by abbreviationfinder, Indonesia is a country located in southeastern […]