Bahamas Main Resorts

Bahamas Main Resorts

The largest islands are New Providence, Grand Bahama, Andros, Eleuthera, Big Inagua. New Providence is the main and most visited island in the Bahamas. The famous Cable Beach, 7 km west of the center of Nassau, is an area of ​​fashionable hotels, casinos, restaurants, sports facilities and beautiful sandy beaches. Across from the shore are North Cay and Long Cay, great snorkeling spots. At the very end of Cable Beach lies Delaporte Point Beach, with a complex of chic Venetian-style villas, shops and restaurants of quaint architecture. The same fashionable tourist area is located on Paradise Island, connected to the capital by a long bridge. Grand Bahama is the northernmost island in the Bahamas archipelago, the second most visited. Tourists are attracted here by the snow-white shores, vast forests of Cuban pine and rich nature. There are three national parks on the territory of the island, and not far from its shores there is one of the largest systems of underwater caves.

The most popular tourist center of the island is the city of Freeport. There are many golf courses, tennis courts, dive centers and sport fishing centers in and around the city. This is the most fun and “party” area of ​​the country, with a vibrant nightlife, two casinos and a bunch of shops.

Andros is a wild place, covered with vast thickets of palms, mahogany, pines and swampy mangrove forests. On the east coast of the island there are only a few pockets of civilization, which are shacks surrounded by rusty cars and abandoned refrigerators. Andros is almost never visited by tourists – only extreme divers come here, attracted by the fame of the third longest barrier reef in the world, which stretches along the island.

Great Abaco is the second largest island in the Bahamas, well known to all yachtsmen in the world. The sailing season here lasts from spring to autumn. Vast coastal shallow waters are teeming with fish. Here you can do any of the existing water sports, fishing, or visit the duty-free shops of the largest city of the island – Marsh Harbor. Eleuthera. This small island is considered an elite vacation spot for the “powerful of this world.” Chic resorts and clubs intersperse here with pristine beaches, and old villages with state-of-the-art sports facilities. Noteworthy are Harbor Island reef off the northwestern coast of Eleuthera, the picturesque town of Dunmore Town, Pink Sands Beach and many excellent diving and snorkelling spots.
Long Island is almost never visited by tourists. But in vain – this is the most picturesque island of the Bahamas, with beautiful nature and many places completely untouched by civilization.
At the northern tip of the island, Cape Santa Maria is a long white sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in the western hemisphere. The main city of the island, Stella Maris, is a small but quite modern settlement, the starting point for diving and fishing expeditions. The Exuma island ridge includes over 360 small islands, and in its southern part there are two fairly large islands – Greater and Lesser Exuma, where all local civilization is concentrated. This archipelago is a real paradise for yachtsmen, because the local places are considered one of the most beautiful in the world: constant tides, changing the depth of coastal shallows, make the sea extraordinarily beautiful. Diving enthusiasts will also have great fun here.

What to see: There are about 25 protected areas on the islands. Great Inagua Island is a superb birdwatching destination, with wildlife also rich in Abaco National Park, Maine-au-Var Reef (Abaco Cay), Love Hill Protected Area on the northeast coast of North Andros, and Embryster Creek north of New Harbor on Cat Island.

Entertainment: Every Bahamian resort has an abundance of nightlife restaurants, bars, cabarets and casinos. In addition, the islands have everything for outdoor activities and water sports. Most sports centers on the island of New Providence, as well as on the islands of Grand Bahama and Harbor Island. Islands Andros, Berry, Bimini – fishing. Abacos and Eleuthera islands – diving in coral reefs. Exuma and Long Island – yacht trips. Inagua Island – pink flamingos, exotic iguanas, swimming with dolphins and even the opportunity to feed the sharks. Grand Bahama Island – for those who are fond of scuba diving, fishing.

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Bahamas Main Resorts