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Best Time to Travel to Japan

The best times to travel to activities in Japan depend on the weather conditions you need. In the following I will give you a few ideas for exciting activities on your vacation and inform you when the best travel time for your excursions is.

Best travel time for the Japanese cherry blossom

The best travel time to admire the Japanese cherry blossom varies from region to region. In southern Japan you can marvel at the cherry blossom in mid-January, in central Japan from late March to early April and in Hokkaido in May. The Japanese cherry blossom, also called sakura, is one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture. The flowers shine in the colors pink, pink and white and offer a spectacular sight, especially in combination with other sights.

Best travel time for your Tokyo trip

Tokyo is located in the warm temperate climate zone and has muggy summers and mild winters. The best time to explore the capital of Japan is from March to May. At this time it will be a bit warmer again and the rainy season has not yet started. Since Tokyo has many sights to offer, you should take a few days for your vacation. For example, visit the Imperial Palace of Tokyo or treat yourself to a sushi plate in one of the countless restaurants. When planning your trip, you should take into account that the golden week takes place every year from the end of April to the beginning of May. At this time, many Japanese people go on vacation and the prices of flights and hotels skyrocket.

Best travel time for hikers and mountaineers

With its many long mountain ranges and volcanoes, Japan has a lot to offer hikers and mountaineers. Incredible mountain panoramas, crystal clear lakes and vast forests attract more and more hikers and mountaineers. If you want to climb higher mountains and volcanoes such as Mount Fuji , the most famous volcano in Japan, you only have a short time window. The ascent is only possible between the beginning of July and the end of August . The rest of the time, the top of the volcano is covered with snow and the paths are closed. But especially at this time it is a popular photo opportunity. If you are traveling alone, you should always keep an eye on the weather. Sudden changes in weather are not uncommon here and bears can also be found in some remote areas.

Best travel time for winter sports

The best travel time for a vacation in winter is between December and March. Most of the snow falls in January and February. You have the best conditions for winter sports on the island of Hokkaido. The island is characterized by a particularly large amount of snow and excellent ski areas that open their doors to all winter fans. But also on the island of Honshu you can work out in ski areas such as Naeba. Japan is known for its powder snow. If you love to whiz down the slopes, it is definitely an ideal destination for your vacation. To recharge your battery for the next day, I recommend a bath in one of the natural springs, also called onsen .

When is typhoon season in Japan?

The typhoon season in Japan is in the period of late summer. Typically, the typhoons occur in the months of September and October . During this time, heavy rains and gusts can occur. The short and heavy rains often lead to floods and landslides. The high winds also cause considerable damage in cities. A typhoon is strongest on the coast and then continues to weaken. In the mainland, the foothills of a typhoon usually only bring rain showers without destructive forces.


According to ezinesports, Japan is a large and diverse country. With its elongated shape and six different climatic regions, it is not possible to define the best travel time across the board. Depending on your preferences and plans, there are a wide variety of travel months. The south of Japan shows its most beautiful side , especially in the months from July to February . Lots of sunshine and pleasant sea temperatures invite you to extensive beach visits. If you concentrate on a city break in central Japan , the best time to travel is in spring and autumn. Especially the months from April to May score with their mild temperatures. October and November are also irritating with mild temperatures, but you have to be prepared for some rainfalls and typhoons. The north of Japan makes the hearts of all winter sports fans beat faster. With lots of snow and excellent ski areas, the best time to travel is between December and February . But summer and autumn also have their advantages and are particularly recommended as the best travel time for endurance athletes and city travelers. If you are now curious, take a look at my current offers for your next vacation.

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