Best Travel Time for Brazil

Best Travel Time for Brazil

All information about the best travel time for Brazil

As the largest country in South America, Brazil should definitely be on the travel list. But it’s not just the size that inspires. The different landscapes are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Amazon region and the Pantanal cast a spell over nature lovers and ecotourists. Celebrating a carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s not only radio marieks who dream of it. Before you embark on your journey to the country on the other end of the world, you should find out the best time to travel to Brazil to worry about. Due to its size and enormous extent, Brazil has different climatic zones. The climatic zones lead to different travel times for the regions. Here you get all the relevant information about the best travel times for the Amazon, the Pantanal, Rio de Janeiro and other regions in Brazil. I will inform you about the weather in Brazil and provide you with various climate tables. With the help of my explanations you can optimally plan your trip to Brazil and get to know the beautiful country with all its facets.

When is the best time to travel to Brazil?

According to HEALTH-BEAUTY-GUIDES, the best time to visit Brazil to determine, is not easy. The country is huge and has different climates. Basically, you can travel to Brazil all year round. The temperatures are always high in most parts of the country. But there are various regions that you shouldn’t visit because of the pronounced rainy season if your vacation shouldn’t fall into the water. Here I present you the best travel times for the most popular regions in Brazil. They are in different parts of the country. If you have a destination that is close to these regions, you can stick to the best travel time in the region.

Best travel time for Rio de Janeiro

A visit to Rio de Janeiro is part of every trip to Brazil. In the coastal city in the south of the country there are tons of attractions, sights and world-famous beaches that make the perfect photo opportunities. The best time to travel to Rio de Janeiro is all year round. In the metropolis on the South Atlantic, daytime temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius prevail all year round. If you are not a fan of high temperatures, you should choose winter time for a vacation. The best time to travel to Rio de Janeiro are therefore the months of May , June , July , August and September. The temperatures are not as hot as in winter and are around 25 to 26 degrees Celsius. In addition, there are few rainy days and many hours of sunshine. In weather conditions like this, it’s fun to explore the landmarks of Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf. Then you can lie down on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The water temperatures are pleasantly warm all year round and invite you to swim. However, the nighttime temperatures can be comparatively fresh.

But summer is also very popular among travelers. Because then it is carnival time and many tourists do not want to miss it. But the temperatures and humidity are high. If that is not a problem, you can also travel to Rio de Janeiro from December to February . But be careful: Brazilians are on holiday and because of the carnival season, hotel prices are high.

Best travel time for the Amazon

Who doesn’t dream of exploring the region around the world’s most water-rich river once in a lifetime? The Amazon region is located in the north of Brazil and is surrounded by tropical rainforest. The best time to travel to the Amazon is from May to August . Although there are high temperatures, high humidity and it can always rain all year round, this travel time offers you the best conditions for exploring. In comparison, it rains little, but the water level is still so high that you can take a boat through the Amazon. In this way you can observe the flora and fauna that are offered to you. Do you want a river cruise on the Amazon and make the tributaries, you should also stick to this travel time. If you also want to relax on the beaches in between, the months May to August also apply . The water level is high, but the beaches are not flooded and you can loll around in the sun. Aprops sun: During the said travel time you can look forward to the most hours of sunshine in this region.

So if you travel to the Amazon during the dry season , you can make your day varied. Boat tours, wildlife viewing, sunbathing on the beach. But note: Even in the dry season, it rains on the Amazon! It usually rains around noon. Before and after, the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Best travel time for the Pantanal

A fascinating inland wetland and the largest in the world! The Pantanal is located in the southwest of Brazil and cannot be surpassed when it comes to the diversity of plants and animals. Every Brazil vacationer should see the natural beauty. The best time to travel to the Pantanal is April to September. Because from April the dry season begins in the region and you can expect more pleasant temperatures than during the rainy season. In the months of April, May, June, July, August and September there is little rain. This means that the Pantanal is slowly becoming drier and the animals move to the remaining water holes. Furthermore, you have no problems with the means of transport. The roads are dry, not swampy and the cars can easily drive through the wetland.

Best time to travel to Brazil by region

Region Best travel time
North coast July – December
Amazon May – August
Pantanal April – September
Rio de Janeiro May – September, December – February
south March – May, September – November
Recife September – February
Sao Paulo March – May, September – November
Northeast coast July – December
Belem June – November
Salvador September – February



You can see that determining the best time to travel to Brazil depends on which region you want to travel to. In the north and south-west you should be careful to avoid the rainy seasons. The climate in the north is strongly influenced by the equator and it is constantly hot and very humid. You should visit the northeast in the second half of the year, as it rains a lot in the first half of the year. I recommend spring and autumn as the best travel time for the south of Brazil. Note that the seasons in Brazil are exactly opposite to the Austrian seasons. On a tour through the entire country, you cannot assume that you will always be at the right place at the best travel time.

Best Travel Time for Brazil