Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in The Festival Premiere of The Second Season of Gossip Girl

This week it was ending the filming of its first chapters and series with more success of last season has already release date: will be September 1. What do vacation before returning to the fray, the campus full of the teenage version of sex in New York yesterday held a party in the Hamptons (where have been shooting the last month) to give opened the imminent arrival of the new television course, course that truth is that he promises to judge by the drip of images that have been coming to us throughout the summer.

There we saw the group, Taylor Momsen, benjamina spectacularly sexy at the photocall for the event, but the dangerous blonde was not alone, all their cast mates were escorting her: Blake Lively y Penn Badgley, his brother in fiction, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick y Jessica Szhor.

Which nevertheless monopolized all the flashes and looks, without detracting from the small Momsen nor the rest of the cast, were Blake and Leighton, actors inside and outside of the small screen.

Both were dressed in light colored, very candid and discreet, but with completely different styles; While Blake Lively surprised for evil, Leighton Meester went to full to fifteen in a matter of savoir faire.

Best of Blake was in the back of her outfit; the dizzying back its top of neck neckline halter and flyers, in white and terrible semi-transparent fabric, was the most acceptable part of your model; jeans white that they were accompanying him (and saved) sat it well, but that top, and tremendisimas sandals, they have (my) forgiveness.

I’m surprised enough your choice, She who always goes with mini dresses and match, the truth is that I do not know who framed it it came out of that measure which dominates and that both flaunts to get into such necessary. The slides were never good, and less in tops already by itself complicated, the frills, it is better to go solo, all together (including extremely tight skinny trousers) is too. By very thin to be one, It is ordinary.

Meester, on the contrary, was super, simple, fresh, without complications or strange, chic combinations with retro; the dusty yellow dress which had been adjusted from the waist down, and sleeve afarolada, I love, and the wonderful shoes stiletto metal fantasy, signed by Miu Miu.

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