Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is located in the highlands, a 4-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Here, in the cool and fresh air, wealthy Vietnamese escape the heat.

Attractions Dalat:

Bao Dai ‘s Summer Palace – Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace (Biet Dien Quoc Truong or Dinh 3) is a 25-room villa built in 1933. Over the past decades, the decor in the villa has not changed, except for the addition of a portrait of Ho Chi Minh over the fireplace. The palace, full of exhibits of past decades and governments, is extremely interesting.

The summer castle of Bao Dai is located in a pine grove 500 m southeast of the Pasteur Institute, located on the street. Le Hong Phong is 2 km southwest of the city center. The palace is open for visits from 7 to 11 and from 13:30 to 16 hours, shoes must be removed at the entrance. Entrance fee for foreigners – US$ 1 plus extra for camera and video.

Tourists can stay here for a nominal fee.

Flower gardens: Dalat’s brightest flower gardens. They were created in 1966 by the Ministry of Agriculture of South Vietnam, and in 1985 they were updated with new, interesting plant species. Now there is a huge collection of all kinds of flowers: fuchsias, tree hydrangeas, orchids. All necessary conditions have been created for them, for example, orchids are stored in specially shaded rooms, not far from the entrance. Orchids are grown in terracotta molds with many holes for ventilation, and they are found among the trunks of coke palms.

In the Flower Gardens you can also meet monkeys. You, and especially your children, will be curious about the laid-back behavior of these cute creatures. The monkeys of the garden are completely harmless, if you yourself do not interfere in their lives.

Xuan Huong Lake – In the center of Da Lat there is a lake that appeared only in 1919 as a result of the construction of a dam. This lake is called in honor of the Vietnamese poetess of the 17th century, who became famous for her harsh statements about the duplicity of social relations and the permissiveness of monks, feudal lords, scientists and kings. You can walk to the lake along a special path leading there.

There you can rent a boat shaped like a huge swan and take a romantic trip on the lake. There is now a new golf course nearby. If you stay at the Palace Hotel, you will have a superb view of Xuan Huong Lake from the south.

Funicular. An old railway runs half a kilometer from Xuan Huong Lake. Now it has been reconstructed in some places and serves as another attraction for visitors to Vietnam. However, along it you can even get to the nearest settlements, seeing a lot of unusual and attractive things along the way. Especially for the eyes of Europeans, these places are a real miracle of nature. It must be said that the cost of the trip (it is equal to US$3) will also pleasantly surprise the modern tourist!

Hang Nga Inn and Art Gallery

Another unique unique attraction here is the hotel, which in addition to this includes both a cafe and an art gallery. The locals call it among themselves the “Crazy House”, it is so unusual and beyond the existing canons. The hotel resembles a building from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. Here is such a mixture of styles and extraordinary things. There are caves and huge webs of wires hanging on the walls, concrete tree trunks, figures of various animals, right in the middle of the halls. You will literally enter a fantasy world! This unique work of art makes a huge impression on all tourists without exception, strongly out of the culture of the whole of Vietnam.

French Region. The beautiful French District has not changed much since the 1930s. These are the same small, cozy streets – a great place for evening walks.

Camli Falls is one of the most popular and favorite places among Vietnamese tourists. This amazing place is a fifteen-meter water wall, and the beautiful grass creeping around is a pre-growth pasture for horses. Here you can not only ride any of the horses, but also ask the Dalat cowboy for his costume. You will have a lot of impressions and excellent photos!

Since 1977, that is, from the moment of its appearance, the water pumping station “Dragon” has been constantly under protection – there is a large statue of a stone dragon at its entrance. Later, a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared there with the baby Jesus in her arms.

Dalat, Vietnam