Fresh Color – 5 Things That Sweeten My April

Color in the face, color to the legs and color in the outfit. These little things make me especially a lot of friends.

Fresh Color - 5 Things That Sweeten My April

As soon as the first sunbeams are out, I do not wear any socks anymore. I fall into my half-shoes, no matter what temperature. The whole thing has the disadvantage that I often already at the beginning of the spring a cold, because I was actually completely wrongly attracted. But now my Shooshoo slippers are waiting so long for their first assignment that I simply can not wait anymore. For who can resist these two sweeties? The Hamburg Schuhlabel has its slippers, loafer and ballerinas made in Italy and the Dalmatian look fits perfectly into my collection.
Not just my feet just get an extra-portion of attention. It is the old game after the winter – my skin had already suffered in the last months. So I start again a small cure with Argan oil. The richest thing you can offer your skin at all. I use the products of Kahina not around the year, alone for price reasons. But I look at my skin right now, that is once again the right time. The facial cleansing, the cream and the oil are 100% bio certified and rich in vitamin E as well as antioxidants. Even after a few days, the skin looks as if it had more power. I like the products of Kahina so much because 25% of the profits are donated to the Berber women from Morocco, who hand over the oil with century-old methods handed down from generation to generation. The money is used for reading, education and women’s rights programs.

Also the lotion of Prtty Peaushun is a regular magic product. They were known in celebtity circles as Photo shop in the tube or invisible pantyhose. Not to be confused with a self-tanner, it is a nurturing lotion with color particles. It conjures a complexion like fresh from the holiday and masks even small bumps, veins or spots. Since I have long since no longer completely and unprotected into the sun, but brown legs love, Prtty Peaushun is always in the color DARK in the bath ready for hand.

Speaking of color – there are currently two accessories that accompany me almost every day outside. After a long break I came back to the Lip Gloss. But I have found so far also only one, which I really like. And Gretel is a young natural cosmetics brand in Berlin and in the color Rasberry Shimmer my constant companion. The sound is radiant, but it is not too much. He shines without being sticky. On the basis of miracle tree seed oil I hereby use it as my miracle everyday aid for this spring.

My lip gloss is always in the perfect matching bag. I really needed a small handbag with only wallet, key, smart phone and lipstick so that the stuff could not always be found anywhere in the big diaper bag. It was clear that I need a color patch that fits every outfit. With this pink Rotton of Lacoste I had directly the combination with my new senffarbenen coat in the head. As I find a great look to jeans and sweaters without much effort.