Keira Knightley Is Targeting Fashion Shirt Tartan

And in what way. Because he comes to redeem itself look chosen for the premiere of La Duquesa in London: looks perfectly simple and Super. So yes gigantic box shirts are, they are more than tartan, type woodcutter, as those that I taught at its time of Topshop, in fact, I am almost sure that it carries, in red and black, is English stores chain.

Do not I fill the look of Keira Knightley as an anecdote, but by way of the Council only practical: It is difficult for this type of shirts that are usually thick and coarse fabric to fit into a calm look, but Keira gets it, above all, thanks to its Chanel dancers.

When one carries a print or a very sharp silhouette to flee regardless of the total look (less if you’re Diane Kruger), must always bet by smooth, not enhance, first, to avoid falling into the trap of putting all tendencies in one or different versions of a same trend, i.e. If you bet by pictures don’t do it big and to take them into the bag, scarf and shoes; do it in an article, and no more.