Kentucky - Colorful Farmland in The East

Kentucky – Colorful Farmland in The East

Kentucky is a state that is characterized by grand mansions, a moving state history and colorful farmland. The hospitable state in the southern part of the USA has many faces and never tires of showing them to the numerous American vacationers.

According to acronymmonster, the natural paradise of Kentucky bears the characteristic nickname “Bluegrass Country” – and of course not without reason: This name is named after the flowering period at the end of May, when the grassland turns its famous blue. The US state Kentucky also delights with metropolises, sights, surprises and delicious whiskey.

Useful information

Kentucky – the only US state that has an exclave (Kentucky Bend) – is bounded in the north by Ohio or the Ohio River and the Cumberland Plateau in the south. Thus, the state is integrated between West Virginia, Tennessee and Indiana. The capital of Kentucky is Frankfort.


Kentucky is pure nature and nature in all its facets. Its Mammoth Cave National Park alone and other recreational areas and parks present a fascinating diversity. For a long time Kentucky’s forests were inhabited by large mammals – today, only smaller species such as foxes, marmots, opossums and raccoons are found here. Those who like to go on bird song hikes will never want to leave: In addition to various species of woodpecker, all kinds of extraordinary bird species can be marveled at and overheard. Another natural paradise are the Cumberland Mountains – a mesophytic forest with around 30 tree species that reach a stately height of up to 35 meters. Overall, Kentucky is 40% forested, with trees such as walnut, oak, birch and maple dominating as deciduous trees, pine and cedar among the conifers. The blooming rhododendrons, goldenrods or laurel roses impress with their fascinating colors.


Particularly recommended as travel times are May (because of the play of blue colors) and autumn. The climate in Kentucky is described as humid-subtropical, which means a moderate climate with quite cool winters and very warm summers. The thermometer often climbs over 30 degrees in summer and in winter it can quickly drop to -25 degrees. When traveling, it is important to consider that Kentucky can be hit by storms between March and September.


A “sight” of a special kind is the love of home in Kentucky. The people living here are indescribably thoughtful, down-to-earth, balanced and do everything in their power to preserve and carry the beauty, the character, the charm of their state. Kentucky has history – and has produced great characters in the truest sense of the word: Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

Architectural scenes are omnipresent as far as the eye can see: you can see either lush greenery or buildings that are preserved with passion and heart and soul.

Country music lives here in Kentucky (in terms of culture it is impossible to imagine Kentucky without country music, but traces of renowned jazz music are also an important part of the music scene). Every year in May, the Kentucky Derby – a horse racing event – takes center stage, which is not only celebrated but also celebrated by all walks of life.

The lofty mountains in the east, the shimmering lakes in the west and of course the forests in between are all worth seeing. The metropolises of Louisville and Lexington offer space for numerous, classic sights.

Other highlights in Kentucky are the Cumberland Falls, the Red River Gorge canyon system, visits to the numerous whiskey distilleries, Fort Knox and the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

Excursion possibilities

Kentucky basically offers a very special type of excursion for every day of your vacation and can be tailored to each individual vacation type.

If you want to walk in the footsteps of Jim Beam, you should make a detour to Clermont. The apparently sleeping nest is home to THE American whiskey – Jim Beam. If you can’t remember the commercial, you will remember every single scene at the latest when you are there. The distillery can be visited and of course the whiskey can be tasted – unfortunately only lukewarm.

Vacation activities

A state like Kentucky has vacation activities to suit all tastes, budgets, and skill levels. Extreme athletes as well as gentle hikers get their money’s worth here. No matter whether extensive bike or canoe tours, whether riding excursions or pick-up tours, whether to play golf or tennis – in Kentucky all wishes are fulfilled. All shopping athletes will also find the right “sports field” to relax just the way they dreamed and imagined.

Kentucky - Colorful Farmland in The East