Safari Trips to Africa

Safari Trips to Africa

Africa safari trips with Tourist Travel – get unforgettable experiences

Tourist Travel has many years of experience and expertise in safari trips to Africa, where great emphasis is placed on experiencing the true Africa. We especially have an immensely strong setup in Tanzania , Kenya , and South Africa .

On a trip to Africa, you have the opportunity to go on a safari and see the wild animals up close, go mountaineering, trekking, beach holidays, experience the tribal people and much more.

Africa is truly a continent that hides some truly unique and unforgettable experiences that should all be missed.

With 30.3 million km2, Africa is the world’s second largest continent. A continent so huge has a magnificent collection of monuments, natural phenomena, historical areas and cultural influences that anyone with a trembling desire to travel in the body should experience. The African countries have lots of contractions, and at the same time each country is its own unique.

At Tourist Travel, we therefore never get tired of setting course for the African countries. Whether you are dreaming of a breathtaking safari or want to watch the sunset from a mountain top, it is possible in Africa. We take you to the real Africa far away from mass tourism, and we dare to guarantee a journey that will forever be stored in the inner memory box.

Countries in Africa

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Are you traveling to Africa for a world-class safari experience? Then set course for Tanzania. Ngorongoro and the Serengeti are just two of the country’s many national parks, where you are guaranteed a safari trip that exceeds all expectations.

Tanzania is also the owner of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria and the world’s most beautiful holiday island is also part of Tanzania – we are of course talking about the tropical paradise, Zanzibar.

South Africa

As a country located in Africa defined by countryaah, the South African landscape will amaze even the biggest globetrotters. The diversity is great and nature changes from city to city. Therefore, a road trip of the popular Garden Route is one of our warmest recommendations.

If you are ready for a gastronomic challenge, then South Africa is the place. Here, both ostrich meat and zebra steaks are on the menu. Due to the colonial era, South African cuisine is also strongly influenced by Europe.


The Danish poet Karen Blixen was very fascinated by Kenya – and with good reason. Kenya has everything that many travel to Africa for; a spectacular wildlife, fascinating culture and a surprising landscape.

Kenya’s most famous national park, the Masai Mara, is an extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti. Therefore, you can also experience the world-famous wildebeest migration in Kenya, where over two million animals migrate in flocks.


North African Morocco is a mecca of beautiful handicrafts, colorful mosaic art and sharply scented spices. If your Africa travels here, you are guaranteed a culinary and cultural holiday.

If you are saving for a debuting mountaineer, then Morocco is your travel destination. Here reigns the 4,167 m high Toubkal, which is a friendly beginner mountain for anyone with a generally good, physical shape.


In Botswana you can greet the African tribal people, the Bushmen. In particular, they are known for conversing with clicking sounds and for their sharp survivability in a natural environment where water is a limited resource.

Through Botswana, however, it runs 1,600 km. long river, Okavango. It originates in Angola, runs through Namibia and out into the Okavango Delta. The river is an important asset in the budding wildlife that lives in the area.


A trip to Africa is an obvious opportunity to dive into the world of wildlife. In Uganda you can meet the endangered aberace, the mountain gorilla. Over half of the world’s mountain gorillas live in Bwindi National Park.

Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria also has its shores in Uganda. The lake flows into the longest branch of the Nile, the White Nile. It is incredible to stand in Uganda and capture the very same river that runs between the pyramids of Egypt.


Imagine a country almost 20 times as big as Denmark, but where the population is only half the size. Yes, there is enough space in Namibia, but large parts of the country are deserted. Here reigns the warm, barren desert, Namib.

The world’s highest sand dunes can be found in the Namib dunes. In Swakopmund lies the world’s largest quartz crystal and along the north coast lies shipwreck after shipwreck, which hides old sailor stories from a distant time.

Safari Trips to Africa