Castle Clinton National Monument

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Governors Island National Monument – NY

To protect America’s freedom

According to Ehuacom, Governors Island is a small island in New York City Bay. The name of the island dates back to the time when the eastern US area was still an English colony. In 2001, a portion of Governors Island received National Monument status.

In front Governors Island in front of the Manhattan skyline

Until 1997, Governors Island was used as a base by the US Army. After that, the US Coast Guard settled on Governors Island. Governors Island is currently undergoing a landscape and tourism redesign.

Once important to the military

Governors Island is home to two historic forts that are important to the United States. The first stronghold on Governors Island is Castle Williams. There was once a military prison within the walls. The second culturally interesting building is the “Fort Jay”, which was used as a military base.

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  • Castle Clinton National Monument
  • Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island National Monument

Staten Island-New York City

Industry next to parks and schools

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of the mega-metropolis New York City. Staten Island is connected to the American mainland and other boroughs of New York City by bridges. There is a free, regular ferry service from Manhattan to Staten Island.

Panoramic view of Staten Island with Manhattan skyline in the background

Larger industrial plants are located on Staten Island. But there are also colleges and a university there.

Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences

A major attraction on Staten Island is Historic Richmond Town. There are many green spaces and parks to discover on Staten Island. The development on Staten Island can be described as relaxed.

Queens – New York City

On western Long Island

The New York borough of Queens, like Brooklyn, is located west of Long Island, which has a total length of 120 miles. In the southwest, the borough of Brooklyn joins Queens. Queens is not particularly frequented by tourists. However, Queens attracts expats from all over the world. Queens is multicultural. This borough of New York City is home to a diverse mix of ethnicities.

Bürohochhäuser am Hunters Point in Queens

Numerous artists live in Queens. The Contemporary Art Center is located in Queens. In terms of area, Queens is the largest of New York’s boroughs.

Meadow Corona Park

Queeens is primarily known in the tennis world. The US Open Tennis Championships are held annually in Flushing Meadows. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is the largest park in all of Queens. Two lakes can be discovered in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The stadium for the New York Mets, New York’s famous baseball team, is located within the park area.

View of the city of Queens, with the Manhattan skyline in the background

The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is also located there. The well-known airport “John F. Kennedy Airport” is located in Queens. From the outside, Queens appears rather faceless and a bit dull with boring highways. Queens also includes a few small offshore islands in the Atlantic.

Queens – Flushing Meadows Park – Unisphere, Observatory Towers

Countless bike paths lead through Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Amusement attractions typical of America can also be found in the park.

Airports in Queens

  • John F. Kennedy Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport

Fort Stanwix National Monument

Army base

Fort Stanwix National Monument is located in the city of Rome, New York State. The British Army built Fort Stanwix in 1758 to protect it from invading Native Americans and the French. Fort Stanwix was strategically built on a passage through the Appalachian Mountains.

Reconstruction of Fort Stanwix

From 1776, Fort Stanwix served as a base for the US Army during the American Revolutionary War. Before that, the dilapidated fort had to be rebuilt. As early as 1781, today’s Fort Stanwix National Monument had lost its importance again. Fort Stanwix fell into disrepair again. Finally, the area was filled in and built over.

Excavated and restored

In 1935 the area received the designation of a national monument of the USA. However, Fort Stanwix rested underground until 1976, when it was finally reconstructed and rebuilt. About 40,000 tourists visit Fort Stanwix National Monument in the city of Rome every year.

The National Monument includes a visitor center; there is a small historical exhibition there. Fort Stanwix is ​​a living national monument. The life of that time is recreated there by amateur actors.

Castle Clinton National Monument

Barracks and Theater

Castle Clinton National Monument is located at the top of Manhattan. Castle Clinton was once intended as a military fortification.

Castle Clinton in New York City

It was built in 1811. From 1824 it served as a theatre, from 1855 to 1890 Castle Clinton served as a receiving and collection point for immigrants. In 1946, Castle Clinton became a US National Monument.

Castle Clinton National Monument