Staple Design Meets Star Wars UGG Boots

Today I have a pretty crazy combination for you. In my new outfit I have the shirts and shorts from the New York label staple combined with the new Star Wars boots by UGG.

Staple there are pigeon icon already since 1997 that staple 2005 was developed as Jeff Ng aka jeffstaple was commissioned by Nike to develop a sneaker that embodies the energy of New York. Thus was born the Dove symbol, then that today the shirts of staple graces. Behind staple around jeffstaple, staple design is the design agency has designed Burton and many more for labels such as Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Lotus, Timberland, new balance, LVMH, and his first deal soul to store has a visit to the triple five. There he showed up with a hand-printed T-shirt of staples and the Manager of the triple five soul stores ordered immediately 12 T-Shirts by staple. Staple is a small, fine Insider brand, that there is now finally available in Europe and is now also the new collection with Motocross styles so really awesome. The fresh prints and designs of staple are really fun and stand out from the rest of the trends pretty – so perfect for people with their own style and fun design.

Although I love summer so much, I can’t wait shoe in terms of it, until I finally my love for Sheepskin boots again can live. In addition to the incredible comfort there is through the new limited edition star wars by UGG® collection day by 2015 was presented on the Star Wars, another reason.
The Star Wars models are inspired by Darth Vader and the UGGs at my outfit are also appropriately smooth leather in black and small, discreet buttons and the patch on the hacking as part of Star Wars by UGG collection to recognize. In addition to the smooth leather models, there are also versions with quilted leather for men, women and even the kids can snuggle up in a Star Wars look in the well-known and luxurious lambskin. For those who can’t wait can to switch to the dark side of the force there is here the complete Lookbook with all models.