Summer Must Have Sweepstakes by TK Maxx

Beware! Now it is called Pack! The latest action from the House of TK Maxx wakes up anticipation for the most beautiful time of the summer. Looking for is after the ultimate Summer must Have for the holidays.

Summer heat, appetite, and a healthy dose of curiosity – of course I let them put me and went looking for my personal holiday look. I have found though a while afterwards, for then it was love at first glance. Already on the bracket the dress had convinced me to it was the lady from the adjacent locker room only a final confirmation “Oh, how cute”.

Et voila here it is: cool lines, a simple cut and airy embroidery – ready is my personal summer must have 2014.

Know I love in the summer. Admittedly, I gotta work on my summer complexion. But it is true, this white dress is going to be my favorite companion in the Sun. It fits to all ice-cream colors and is to style a few steps from casual to chic.

I like pieces that join all the different lifestyle scenarios. For the day in the city, it takes only a Jafurther, comfortable flats and bright Nail Polish as an eye-catcher. G create upgradeoldene accents and heels, a lightweight Cardigan or a cloth for the evening.

After the Keypiece was found, it was holiday checklist processed in no time. My Tip: set the thoughts on holiday and relaxation. If you with sunset and beach in mind, containing one of the cute bikini with Palm pattern all by itself. Sun Hat, top and shorts in pastel or brightly colorful colors are a must.

Before everything in the suitcase travels do I sort all parts on a dresser and check whether the colors and patterns can be easily combined. Often, some few parts suitable to create different looks.

TK Maxx is absolutely recommendable for the holiday preparation, here you will find everything for the robes of degrees of and accessories from sunglasses, towel, or suitcase for bargain hunters as well as for the upper-class shoppers. Especially for the holiday look, treasure trove known brands and young new labels can be found. Looks best at TK Maxx in opportunity. Because the stores are supplied daily with new goods, so that there is always something new to discover. Here you go. to the Fillialfinder.

TK Maxx summer sweepstakes

To sweeten all appetite for the upcoming summer and holiday, TK Maxx has launched a great raffle. Who uploads on Facebook a picture of his absolute Summer must haves, has the chance to win a shopping voucher of three TK Maxx:

1st Prize: €333

2nd Prize: €222

3rd Prize: €111

Good luck!

On the TK Maxx Blog your way more professional Tippszum is theme suitcase packing extra have put together our colleagues.
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