The Huge Potential of Ukraine

In Greater Ukraine, a tourist can spend their holidays in the eastern metropolises, on the shores of the Black Sea or even in the Carpathian ski resorts.

According to countryaah, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of area. The country, still living in a slight lack of tourism, already had time to rise in terms of tourism before the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Currently, the tourist should avoid certain areas of Ukraine, but in the western parts of the country, for example, can still be well vacationed.

Due to its geographical diversity, Ukraine offers the traveler countless options. In addition to city holidays, you can engage in a wide range of activities in Ukraine. The ski resorts in the Carpathian Mountains are almost equal to the Alps in terms of skiing opportunities – in turn, the price level is clearly cheaper.

The huge potential of Ukraine

At best, a trip to Ukraine combines both the cultural experiences of cities and experiences in the heart of nature. With its rosy charm, the country charms both I found a holidaymaker with wrists as well as an active traveler.

Ukraine has a cold and snowy reputation, but the truth is different. Hot summers allow for diving and swimming, for example. The Black Sea coast is probably the most popular destination of this variety, but those who want to experiment should try a night dive in one of the many lakes in the country.

The magnificent steppes and huge plains, in turn, offer things to do for cyclists and hikers, among others. A photographer’s vacation, on the other hand, can become busy. You should be prepared to record landscapes with a sufficiently large memory card.

Urban culture and cathedral domes

Short for UP by abbreviationfinder, Ukraine, with a population of just over 40 million, has many cities of millions, whose atmosphere combines a more traditional way of life in the East with a rising Western urbanism.

The capital Kiev is the largest of the population centers and at the same time perhaps the most popular and westernized travel destination in the country. The atmosphere of big cities can also be felt in beautiful Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkiv, known for its industry and culture.

The latter two may get closer to Ukrainian everyday life. On the other hand, the most urban Kiev skyline is also colored by historic buildings, Orthodox domes and Slavic Palaces. Sticky customer service also tells about the cultural heritage of the Eastern Bloc.


Situated on the shores of the Black Sea, Odessa, with its palm trees and beach boulevards, is more reminiscent of southern European beach resorts. Tourists are especially familiar with the city’s sandy beaches, nightclubs and fine hotels. Odessa is the pearl of the Black Sea, the real east of Ibiza, which both locals and tourists head to.

Vodka, champagne and borscht

Ukraine is a good place to start getting acquainted with Slavic cuisine. The country’s best-known dishes include beetroot soup that draws its color from beets and deep-fried Kiev chicken. Blinis, for example, are also popular in the country. Traditional dishes are available at almost all restaurants in the country.

Ukraine is also known for its rather exessible drinking culture. At a good-value hotel’s breakfast buffet, you can start the day with champagne and a lack of vodka from a business lunch is a rarity.

Men are expected to repeal their vodka snaps manly with one sip. Women, on the other hand, are more generally given the opportunity to choose, for example, wine instead of vodka as a food drink.

Climate in Ukraine

Ukraine is mainly dominated by a temperate and continental climate. Summers are warm, at times even hot, while winters are cold. On the Black Sea coast, the sea has a warming effect, especially in winter.

The southern coast is climatically different from the rest of Ukraine. It has a Mediterranean climate, which has made the area a popular holiday destination.

The best travel time depends entirely on your own interests. Beach resorts are, of course, at their best in the summer, while the burning toast of midsummer may be too much for an urban vacationer who should prefer spring or fall. Ski resorts, on the other hand, are at their best in the winter.

Security in Ukraine

The situation in eastern Ukraine is confusing due to the conflicts. Holiday travel to the area is not recommended. However, for the capital Kiev and the western parts of the country, there is no particular reason to avoid traveling. Those planning a trip should follow the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel bulletins and find out about the current situation before leaving.

Kiev Airport is operating normally, so there have been no problems with alternative flights via Kiev, for example.



Flights to Ukraine

Ukraine International Airlines flies from Helsinki directly to Kiev. The flight only takes about a couple of hours and the connections from Kiev onwards are good. Despite the situation in eastern Ukraine, Kiev airport is operating completely normally.

Air Baltic also carries the country with possible connections, and the journey through Riga to Kiev takes less than four hours at best.

Prices may vary a lot depending on the time, but in general they do not rise sharply high. At its cheapest to Kiev and back already fly for about 150 euros.

Accommodation in Ukraine

The quality and price level of housing in Ukraine varies considerably. There are real luxury hotels available as well as very modest places to stay.

Especially in larger cities, hotel star ratings may seem a little strange, and you shouldn’t blindly trust them. Feedback on hotel booking services is a good way to get more information about the actual level of the hotel.

However, in the most popular destinations, the hotel offer is usually quite good. Especially in Kiev and Odessa range can be found.

A budget traveler staying at a hostel usually survives at affordable prices. For example, in Kiev there are a few hostels for less than ten euros.

Accommodation outside larger cities is, of course, cheaper, but the tourist should nevertheless take into account the limited range and limited language skills of the residents of the provinces.

Movement in Ukraine

In Greater Ukraine, distances can easily be long. Where cities are well served by buses or metros, long-distance travelers often have to take advantage of long-distance buses or night trains.

Domestic flights to Ukraine are also viable options for longer journeys, as prices are often reasonable. From Kiev to Odessa flies a hundred, often much cheaper.


Kiev is the cradle of culture

Dnieper River dissected the Ukrainian capital of Kiev is the metropolis of two and a half million inhabitants, where tradition and modernity in a charming way, go hand in hand.

The contrast can be seen from afar. Historic Cathedrals, Palaces and Monasteries color Kiev, whose suburbs are dominated by Soviet-era apartment buildings. On the other hand, the street level has been conquered by modern, western fashion houses.

The most famous sights of the city are St. Sophia Cathedral and Marjinski Palace. It is especially worth visiting the Pechersk Cave Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a cultural fanatic, Kiev is a dream destination. Both the city’s opera and theater are known for their quality performances. The most interesting museums are the National Museum and the Kiev Historical Museum.

Odessa, the pearl of the Black Sea

Like Kiev, Odessa has a long history. Today, it is an important industrial city and trade center. In addition to these, it is of great importance for Ukrainian tourism.

Travelers of the Black Sea pearl are attracted by its mild climate, good sandy beaches and impressive cultural offerings. Numerous spas also offer services for the relaxing.

In Odessa, it is hard to believe that he is in the ruins of the late Soviet Union. Rather, the city resembles a Mediterranean resort with palm trees, sandy beaches and beach boulevards.

The city is also a great destination for those who enjoy the night. Many restaurants, bars and nightclubs provide entertainment until dawn.



Top points of interest

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  2. Kiev
  3. Carpathians
  4. Lviv