The New Protagonists of Feeling of Living in The Magazine Nylon

Sure many of you already know that Returns a mythical series beyond the 90: 90210 Beverly Hills, best known in Spain as a feeling of living. The adventures of Brenda and Brandon Walsh, of the tormented Dylan, from the posh Kelly and the other characters returned crazy to a whole generation of teenagers.

Taking into account the success of all products to teenagers, such as High Street Musical, Hannah Montana or Gossip Girl, and the protagonists of these series and movies (to the extent that Vanessa Hudgens has won a Gisele Bunchen how famous that it looks better in a swimsuit), sure the return of 90210 will be well received.

To begin with, the girls who appear in the new series, they are already cover of Nylon and look your rocker, modern style and daring in its pages. The truth is that they are gorgeous, but I keep recalling wistfully the first series. For the former followers of the series, I have added an image of the same as insurance that will bring you warm memories.

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