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Travel Destinations in Portugal

By car across the country

Due to the short distances, traveling by car is a recommended option in Portugal if you want to see several destinations on the same trip. Traveling between larger cities is also possible by train.

Getting around cities is easy thanks to affordable public transport. Taxis are also cheap compared to Finns.

Lisbon is known for its varying altitude differences, and just walking around the city from one place to another can make it too heavy for others. The city’s iconic yellow trams are the lifeline of many tourists, as they provide easy access to the high hills.

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Located on the edge of Europe, according to countryaah, Portugal is an interesting tourist destination where you can spend a city break, enjoy the beaches and enjoy local cuisine. In addition to the relaxed culture, warm climate and mainland Portugal, the beautiful Atlantic islands invite tourists to Portugal year after year.

The beaches of the Algarve are an attraction in themselves.

Charming Lisbon

The best example of Portugal’s charming cities is the capital Lisbon. Especially the atmospheric old town of Alfama with its labyrinthine mazes is really worth experiencing. At the foot of Alfama, Baixa, the heart of Lisbon with its wide promenades and stylish shops, is spread out.

The sea is definitely an element of both Lisbon and the whole of Portugal which is abbreviated as PRT by abbreviationfinder, after all the country has a rich history in the field of shipping. The riches brought from the seas along the expeditions made Lisbon one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. Signs of wealth can still be found in Lisbon. The city has many interesting historical attractions. Examples of these are the mighty monastery of Hieronymus and the tower of Bélem, from the foot of which ships once sailed across the seas.

Lisbon offers a variety of dining and entertainment venues, as well as plenty of concerts and other events. In addition to this, the city’s shopping opportunities are also diverse. Lisbon’s upper town of Bairro Alto never sleeps and its small boutiques are open until late at night.

In addition to high-quality seafood restaurants, Lisbon is also known for its delightful cafés. The coffee offer slides from side to side from modest block cups to truly stunning Art Deco coffee parlors.

Lisbon is also well connected outside the city, such as Cascais, Estoril and the beaches of the Costa da Caparica. From Lisbon, you should especially travel to the Estoril waterfront area if you want to enjoy Portuguese elegance.

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Golf and sunbathing in the Algarve

Familiar to golfers, the Algarve is located in southern Portugal and is known for its numerous beach resorts. The area has beaches that are both great for families with children and surrounded by spectacular rock formations.

In addition to beach activities, the Algarve is also famous for its quality golf courses. Due to the mild winter, the ball can be hit all year round. Located in the Algarve, San Lorenzo is one of the most prestigious and in many ways one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe.

Madeira’s lush oasis

The Portuguese island of Madeira is called the Atlantic Floating Garden, as it is difficult to find a green oasis like it. Madeira is a unique combination of youthful atmosphere and long-standing traditions.

In the exotic gardens of the island’s capital, Funchal, you can sense the aristocratic atmosphere of history. However, Funchal is not just a relic of the past, but the city’s shopping streets and centers as well as restaurants are bursting with youthful energy. During the summer, the city hosts a variety of celebrations and events.

The most popular way to explore the island’s diverse nature is a levada trek, during which Madeira’s unique and colorful nature opens up to the tourist in full bloom. Called Levados, Madeira is also popular with sports holidaymakers, as the island has a wide range of activities. For example, an active holidaymaker can play golf on the island’s high-quality courses amidst breathtakingly stunning scenery.

In addition to golfing, Madeira offers many other ways to spend an active holiday, and the island has a great hiking setting, for example, as more than two thousand kilometers of old irrigation canals cruise the island, so everyone can find a route that suits their own condition.

Madeira can really enjoy the island’s unique nature and stunning scenery, as up to three-quarters of the island is a nature reserve. The climate in Madeira is pleasantly warm all year round and you can also spend a relaxing holiday on the island.

Relaxation is possible, for example, in the sunny seawater pools, spas and atmospheric small restaurants of Funchal.

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Portuguese nature offers varied landscapes.

The finest beaches in Portugal

  1. Porto Santo
  2. Estoril
  3. Praida da Rocha
  4. Albufeira
  5. Ribeira Grande

The most impressive golf courses

  1. San Lorenzo, Algarve
  2. Furnas, Azores
  3. Monte Rei, Algarve
  4. Santo da Serra, Madeira
  5. Troia, Setúbal