Travel in South East Asia

Travel in South East Asia

Trips to Southeast Asia offer a wonderful variety of personal adventures, impressions and experiences. Myanmar, which we know personally like the back of our hand, can also be explored in a relaxed way from the river in a sustainable way. On a small boat, your journey takes you past temples, pagodas and villages that are worth exploring. Vietnam not only impresses with fine food, a rich culture and friendly people, but also invites you to relax. After an individual trip through the country, you can easily add a little wellness holiday. See countryaah for trips to all countries in southeast Asia.


As a travel destination, Cambodia offers a rich culture with countless ancient temples and impressive nature, including empty beaches, mighty rivers and remote forests. The cultural highlight for visitors, however, are undoubtedly the temples of Angkor, which seem to rise out of the jungle. Angkor Wat is the largest and most famous of these temples and as a visitor it is easy to spend a whole week in Angkor exploring the many other temples and structures.

But a visit to the lively capital Phnom Penh should not be missing on your tour. The city stands for its contrasts of old colonial houses, the royal palace and temples. So far, the villages of the hill tribe around Banlung (Ratanakiri province), the untouched landscape in sleepy Sen Monorom (Mondolkiri province) and the charming city of Battambang, located on a river, with its remains of colonial architecture have been rarely visited. Those looking for relaxation can head to Sihanoukville with its beautiful beaches and relaxed everyday life. The roads are now getting better and better, so visitors can experience more and more parts of the country to discover Cambodia beyond the temples.

During your trip in Cambodia you will come across a lot of history, exciting cultures and long traditions. Culinary and nature lovers will also get their money’s worth thanks to the internationally renowned cuisine and many natural phenomena, such as the Mekong Delta.


Laos enchants travelers with its originality, cultural diversity and breathtaking nature. Mountains, forests and plateaus shape the landscape and thanks to the tropical vegetation there is a great diversity of species. Around 50 different tribes and peoples will immerse you in different traditions during your trip. But they all have warmth and hospitality in common. During your tour you should definitely visit the UNESCO World Heritage, the former royal city of Luang Prabang. Discover the temple complexes of one of the best preserved historical cities in Southeast Asia. The capital Vientiane is also worth a visit. In contrast to the hectic cities in the rest of Asia, you will find peace and relaxation here during your trip.


Myanmar is the most pristine country in Southeast Asia and definitely our insider tip! The country enchants travelers with its countless temples and pagodas, its breathtaking landscapes and, above all, with its extremely warm locals. The culture is strongly influenced by Buddhism and the traditions and customs are still very much present. In many places time seems to stand still – it is this originality that makes Myanmar a fascinating travel destination. The landscape captivates with its fertile river delta in the south, dry plains in the middle, high mountains in the north and paradisiacal beaches in the west. With a little luck, you will discover leopards, tigers or Asiatic black bears and, in any case, colorful birds and butterflies in the jungle. Highlights, which you should not miss on your tour include the temple fields of Bagan, a visit to the one-legged rowers on Inle Lake and a sunset at the U-Bein bridge. But visiting less well-known destinations, such as the Chin region, is highly recommended and offers you even more experiences away from mass tourism. The magic of Myanmar is hard to resist, so it comes as no surprise that travelers keep coming back.


Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Rightly so, because the picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches, cultural treasures and the lively capital Bangkok ensure a lot of variety and fascinating travel routes. The locals greet you openly and warmly everywhere in Thailand – it is not for nothing that it is also called the “land of smiles”. During your trip through Thailand you will encounter magnificent temples, jungle-covered mountain regions and cuisine that is one of the best in the world. The five travel regions – north, central, northeast, east and south – differ greatly in terms of culture and landscape. The north and northeast of Thailand offer travelers wild rainforests and mighty waterfalls. In the center, west and east of Thailand you will find untouched forest areas, fertile plains and inviting coasts. Southern Thailand impresses with its dream stands and the tropical jungle. As you can see, a round trip through the different regions of Thailand is worthwhile to benefit from the versatility.


The Chinese province of Yunnan is culturally and scenically more diverse than any other province in China. Shielded by mountainous provinces, it is very different from the rest of China. This is exactly what makes Yunnan very interesting as a travel destination. In Yunnan you will find a large number of ethnic minorities, which will provide exciting insights into different cultures and traditions during your trip. The north is strongly reminiscent of Tibet, whereas the south shows more connections to Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. In Yunnan you will also find the last 250 wild elephants in China. Deep gorges, towering limestone cliffs, snow-capped peaks and tropical forests make for a fascinating landscape. Yunnan is still an insider tip among travelers, but it is definitely worth visiting this interesting province.


Luminous green rice fields, fascinating mountain regions, the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay as well as paradisiacal beaches – the travel destination Vietnam offers all of this. Here you will find tradition and modernity and despite its popularity among travelers, Vietnam is still authentic. Culture lovers will get their money’s worth at the various UNESCO World Heritage sites. Ho Chi Minh City illustrates the combination of modernity and colonial influence very well. The city is bursting with life and a visit to the market shouldn’t be missed during your trip. In the elegant capital Hanoi you will learn a lot about the significant history of Vietnam and can immerse yourself in the typical cuisine through street food. The north of Vietnam offers travelers a stark contrast to the big cities. Small villages with firmly anchored traditions give you a wonderful insight into the former life of the locals. In addition to the highlights of Vietnam, we give you the opportunity to get to know the less touristy destinations on your tour.

Travel in South East Asia