Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Guide to Virginia Beach: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. Highlights of Virginia Beach: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and beaches.

According to toppharmacyschools, the fashionable resort of Virginia Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the western part of the state of Virginia. Under this name, three resort areas are united, which are not inferior to each other either in the surroundings, or in the quality of services, or in diversity. People often come to this coast in the company of friends in a rented car – there are many entertainments for young people and an interesting nightlife. At the same time, it is convenient to relax on Virginia Beach with family and children: the resort has quiet comfortable hotels, clean beaches, and many walking and park areas.

There are a huge number of festivals and shows on the coast almost all year round – from truck battles and beer fairs to strawberry festivals, Neptune festivals, Caribbean music and air shows. Vacations on Virginia Beach are often referred to as “classic American vacations.”

How to get to Virginia Beach

From any major East Coast city, Virginia Beach can be reached by private car in less than a day. In this case, it is convenient to build a route through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which offers breathtaking views of the bay at the entrance and exit.

The nearest international airport is located in Norfolk, flights from Moscow only with transfers in Washington, New York or Philadelphia (Lufthansa, Finnair). There are direct buses (about 30 minutes on the way) and taxis from the airport to the coast of Virginia Beach. The resort can be reached by Greyhound buses ( off. site in English) or Amtrak trains from any large city in the eastern part of the country. The prices on the page are for August 2021.


A fun and economical way to get around the city is the VB Wave hybrid trams. They operate on three routes that cover the entire resort area of ​​Virginia Beach, but operate only from May to October. The resort is well-equipped with bike lanes, and there are plenty of bike rentals along the Broadwalk. You can rent almost any car in the city – a small car, 4×4 or even a limousine, most agencies are located on the waterfront and in the city center. It is better to call a taxi by phone or catch it on the street by giving a hand signal ( 12 USD for a trip within the resort area).

Virginia Beach Hotels

Virginia Beach truly presents all existing types of accommodation – from “star” hotels to beach camping, which, by the way, are not equipped for budget tourists at all.

In a 5 * first line hotel, a double room will cost 215 USD per night, for a cottage for 8-12 people in the same area they will ask from 400 USD. A day in a motel two or three blocks from the coastline will cost 40-55 USD for a double room. A room in a 3-4 * hotel on the coast will cost 90-160 USD, depending on the service offered. Apartments for rent are located, as a rule, away from the beaches, they will charge 120-170 USD per night. Campsites and motorhome sites cost 90-120 USD per tent/motorhome for two people.


The resort is divided into three zones (or communities): Chesapeake Bay Beach is located in the north, next to the bay, Virginia Resort is in the middle, and Sandbridge completes the chain. There is no clear boundary between them, however, some hotels differ precisely in the names of the beaches.

In the Guinness Book of Records, Virginia Beach is listed as “The longest beach with entertainment” – more than 56 km of coastline.

Sandbridge Beach is considered calm, even romantic – it has clean, fine sand, a “soft” ocean, and usually few people. There are no amenities, sunbeds or entertainment, but there are cottages for rent nearby. On Virginia Beach, life is in full swing 24/7 – restaurants, bars, various shops and nightlife are concentrated here, but the beach is kept clean. There is an equipped embankment, showers and toilets, you can rent kayaks, sun loungers, umbrellas or even a small bungalow. During the day in Virginia, they often relax with children – despite the large crowds of people, the police are vigilantly keeping order here.

North End Beach attracts with free parking and desertedness – it is located next to a residential area, and there are not many tourists here. Locals come here to surf and boogie board, but there are no sports equipment rentals here, as well as toilets. All the beaches of the resort are kept in excellent condition (the entrance to the water is gentle, shallow), and next to each there are several dozen accommodation options, a few meters from the strip of sand. Hotels and cottages provide their own areas with sun loungers, umbrellas and other amenities.

Cafes and Restaurants in Virginia Beach

The gastronomic center of Virginia Beach is, of course, the Broadwalk. Here you can dine in a pub restaurant (a popular form of establishment) for 15-25 USD without drinks, have a snack in a street cafe for less than 12 USD or have breakfast in a home-cooked restaurant for the same price, eat ice cream for 5-7 USD or drink craft beer for 10-12 USD.

On the waterfront there are restaurants of Mediterranean, Pan-Asian and Mexican cuisine, meat and fish establishments, coffee shops and bars in abundance. Fast food for every taste will cost 7-12 USD – pizza, burgers, woks, kebabs, etc.

Entertainment and attractions

Day and night, the main attractions of Virginia Beach are concentrated on the waterfront – bars, concert venues, shopping and gaming areas at the service of vacationers. There are golf clubs, rental points for everything necessary for fishing and access to the water, beauty salons, wellness, fairs.

Fans of thoughtful relaxation will like the Aviation Museum (Princess Anne Road, 1341) or the Historical Museum dedicated to the region’s birds and related art (Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, 1113 Atlantic Avenue). Families with children will be interested in Virginia Beach Amusement Park (15th & Atlantic Ave.) or Ocean Breeze outdoor water park (General Booth Blvd, 849).

It is best to take a break from the bustling Broadwalk and beaches in national parks, especially since there are many of them in the vicinity. First Landing State Park is located in the Chesapeake Bay area and is easily accessible on foot from the beach. Several trekking routes have been laid in the park, passing through the green zone, dunes, swamps and beaches: here you can meet small animals and birds. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is located closer to Sandbridge, and it is also teeming with local fauna, but is known mostly for water activities – the park has kayak rentals, which usually visit some of the islands of the park archipelago.

Virginia Beach, Virginia