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Visa to Croatia

Sadly, to visit such a native and close Croatia, Russian tourists need a national visa. The situation is slightly brightened up by the abundance of visa centers in the cities of the Russian Federation and preferences for holders of multiple Schengen visas and national visas of a number of countries. In general, the package of documents for registration is average, without problems. The required stock of “foreign” is 3 months from the date of completion of the trip. The visa is done quickly, from 5 working days; visa fee – 80 EUR; service fee when applying through the visa center – 27.5 EUR. The prices on the page are for September 2022. According to COUNTRYAAH, Croatia is a country that starts with letter C.

Tourist visa to Croatia: general information

Do they give multivisa? given for at least six months
Term of receipt from 5 working days; in fact – 10-14 days
Validity limit 3 months from the end of the trip
  • The cost of a regular visa: 80
  • Express Visa: 107.5
  • Visa fees: 27.5

Do Russians need a visa to Croatia?

To relax on the luxurious Croatian beaches, see the many sights or improve your health at the thermal springs, Russian citizens will need a visa. The exception is holders of valid double or multiple Schengen visas of category C, long-term visas of category D or a residence permit issued by one of the Schengen countries. Among the lucky ones who are able to freely enter the fertile land, there are also holders of double or multiple entry visas for Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania, valid throughout their stay in Croatia.

The period of stay in the country is limited by the number of days specified in the visa.

Types of visas

  • Transit visa A is valid only on the territory of the airport;
  • B – within a maximum of 7 days required to move through the territory of Croatia to other states;
  • A short-term tourist visa with the right to stay up to 90 days is suitable for tourist trips, guest visits to friends and family, participation in conferences, sports and cultural events.
  • A long-term temporary residence permit also allows you to work or study.

Applying for a visa at the consulate

You can apply for a visa at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Croatia or the Visa Center in Moscow (only by appointment) or at any of the visa centers in other cities (no need to register).

Documents for a visa to Croatia

Required documents for obtaining Schengen category C:

  1. Questionnaire

visa application completed in large block letters in English or Croatian and signed by the applicant in two places. The questionnaire can be filled out online at website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia;

  1. international passport

Valid passport not older than 10 years, valid for at least 3 months from the end of the trip, with at least two free pages;

  1. Copy of international passport

You need to make a copy of the first page of the passport, as well as copies of visas for the last 3 years from the current, previous or canceled passports, as well as pages with basic personal information from them;

  1. Copy of the national passport

All pages with any marks are needed;

  1. Photo

2 color photographs no older than 6 months, size 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

  1. Help from the place of work

Certificate of employment with the prescribed position and salary;

  1. Bank statement

The extract must be fresh, not older than 6 months;

  1. For students, schoolchildren

A certificate from the place of study, a sponsorship letter with a photocopy of the sponsor’s civil passport, a certificate from work / an extract from the sponsor’s account (issued according to the general rules);

  1. Medical insurance

Medical insurance valid throughout the Schengen area and for the entire duration of the trip (the amount of insurance coverage is not less than 30,000 EUR);

  1. Proof of visa fee payment

Canceled bank statement

To obtain a Croatian visa, you do not need to undergo fingerprinting.

Traveling with minors

An application for a visa for a minor must be submitted by one of his parents or legal representative. The application must be accompanied by a birth certificate with a copy. The list of documents also includes the child’s own international passport, which meets standard requirements, and copies of the pages of a civil passport for persons over 14 years old.

If the child is traveling with one parent, a notarized permission from the other parent is required. If the child travels alone, the application must be accompanied by a certified consent of both parents, containing their personal data, the purpose and period of stay in Croatia, the period for which the consent is issued, signatures. If the child is accompanied by another adult, his/her personal data must also be included in the consent.

Children in organized groups need an official certificate from the organization organizing the trip, with details of the trip, a list of participants and accompanying persons.

Consent must be certified by a notary. Translation into Croatian is not required.

Photo Requirements

The length of the head from chin to crown is approximately 30 mm (70-80% of the area). The photo is taken from the front, the gaze is directed to the camera, there is no smile.

Consular fee – 80 €

Fees for Russian citizens are 80 EUR and 107.5 EUR (urgent procedure when submitted 3 days before the intended trip) in ruble equivalent. Processing time – from 5 working days. When submitting documents through the Croatian Visa Application Centers, an additional service fee of 27.5 EUR is charged.

Visa for citizens of CIS countries

Citizens of Ukraine receive a visa in Kiev, the set of documents and the cost are similar. Citizens of Belarus must provide the same package of documents, the only difference is that instead of two, you need one photo. To apply for a visa, they should contact the Croatian Embassy in Moscow or the Visa Application Center in Minsk. The consular fee is 70 EUR.

For citizens of other CIS countries, a Croatian visa is issued within a month, and sometimes longer.

Croatia Flag and Map