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Visa to Mexico

Citizens of Russia to travel to Mexico need a visa or a single electronic permit. The latter is issued free of charge in a few seconds online. It will need to be presented when buying a ticket to Mexico, you can stay in the country for 180 days. For multiple entry, you must obtain a visa at the Consulate of Mexico. Russian tourists who have a valid multi-Schengen, US, Canadian, British or Japanese visa can freely enter Mexico without a visa. According to COUNTRYAAH, Mexico is a country that starts with letter M.

Since January 2017, all Russian citizens have the right to travel to Mexico with an electronic permit, provided that they arrive by plane.

Mexico Tourist Visa: General Information

Do they give multivisa? give for 180 days and 10 years, unlimited number of entries
Term of receipt up to 10 working days
Validity limit 6 months at the time of entry
  • The cost of a regular visa: 36$
  • Express Visa: not issued
  • Visa fees

Visa types

  • e-permit – for a single entry into Mexico for up to 180 days;
  • tourist visa – for multiple entries for 180 days or 10 years;
  • educational – issued for the period of study;
  • working – issued by invitation to work.

Applying for an e-visa

Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey can get a free electronic permit for a single entry into Mexico. To do this, you need to fill out a special form at the office. website of the National Institute of Migration of Mexico and receive a document with a unique code. It must be indicated when registering for a flight, and the permit itself must be presented at passport control. Without a printed permit, entry into the country is not possible. An electronic visa is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt, it is possible to stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Mistakes and typos when filling out the questionnaire are unacceptable – they can refuse entry. In case of inaccuracy, you need to fill out the form again, there are two attempts per day. You can issue an electronic permit no later than 25 calendar days before the date of travel. If there is no time, it is better to apply for a visa – 10 days before departure.

Applying for a visa at the Consulate

Multiple entry visas for 180 days and 10 years are issued at the consulate. The term for consideration of documents is up to 10 working days.

Mexico visa documents

Documents for obtaining a visa for 6 months:

  1. Questionnaire

Completed application form;

  1. international passport

With a validity period of at least 6 months from the date of departure from the country;

  1. Photocopy of the international passport

Copies of the first page of the international passport, valid visas and past Mexican visas, if any;

  1. Photo

One color photo 32×26 mm or 39×31 mm on a white background;

  1. Help from the place of work

On letterhead (stamped and signed) with a salary of at least 500 USD per month or a license to carry out private business activities;

  1. Creditworthiness confirmation

This can be a notarized copy of the certificate of ownership of real estate, a bank statement with cash flow for the last three months (balance not less than 1450 USD) or a sponsorship letter with a photocopy of the sponsor’s civil passport, a certificate of employment / statement from the sponsor’s account (only for close relatives: spouses, children and parents);

  1. For students and schoolchildren

Certificate from the place of study indicating a scholarship of at least 300 USD per month or a sponsorship letter from close relatives (parents);

  1. For a visa for 10 years additionally

One of the following items: account statement for six months / certificate of employment indicating at least a year of experience; a document confirming family ties with a citizen or resident of Mexico; copies of visas and migration stamps (at least 3 trips abroad per year).

Applying for a visa for children

When applying for a visa to Mexico for minors, all of the above documents are submitted, including their own passport and proof of solvency of parents in the same way: a certificate from work with a salary of at least 500 USD per month and an account statement with a balance of at least 1450 USD. The questionnaire is signed by both parents or legal guardians in the presence of an employee of the consular department.

If one of the parents is absent when submitting documents, a notarized permission on his behalf is required. Minors travel only when accompanied by adults. If the child is traveling with third parties, a notarized permission to leave from both parents or legal guardians will be required. If the child is raised only by mom or dad, you need to provide a notarized certificate of the absence of the second.

Photo Requirements

Color photo size 32×26 mm or 39×31 mm on a white background, without corners and ovals. The face should be completely open and occupy at least 80% of the photo, the look should be exactly at the camera. Glasses and hats are not allowed. If the applicant wears glasses, they will need to be removed when passing the border.

Consular fee – 36 $

The consular fee for applying for a visa at the embassy is 36 USD and is paid when submitting a package of documents at the rate on the day of payment. For all types of visas and categories of tourists, including minors and pensioners, the tariff is the same. The prices on the page are for November 2021.


When submitting documents to the consulate, the applicant’s thumbs of both hands are scanned. This procedure is mandatory for all applicants regardless of age. If it is physically impossible to take thumbprints, the conditions may be changed at the discretion of the consulate. For those who travel on an electronic permit, the procedure is carried out at the airport at the border control (you must arrive in advance).

Visa processing time

The term for issuing a visa at the embassy is up to 10 days.

Mexico Flag and Map