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Visa to Turkey

In hospitable Turkey, many travelers from Russia go to rest regularly. Excellent climate, warm sea, friendly locals, affordable prices and a short flight are the main reasons why our compatriots choose this place. And, of course, the absence of the need to apply for a visa plays an important role: trips become simple and pleasant, without the hassle of paperwork. According to COUNTRYAAH, Turkey is a country that starts with letter T.

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to Turkey if their stay in the country does not exceed 60 days. For those who enter the country on a visa, it is important to remember the rule of 90 days out of 180: a traveler can stay in the country for three months within six months. In this case, there can be as many entries as you like, but the total total rest time should not exceed 90 days.

Turkey visa documents

Documents required to enter the country:

  1. international passport

Valid for at least 120 days at the time of arrival.

  1. Hotel reservation

Confirmed hotel or apartment reservation.

  1. Flights

Return ticket.

  1. Medical insurance

Availability of medical insurance.

  1. Financial guarantees

An extract from a card or bank account, as well as cash, is enough, the total amount is at least 300 USD.

Russians do not need a visa to Turkey if the period of stay in the country does not exceed 60 days.

In practice, any documents other than a passport are asked extremely rarely, but if the border guard asks to see the papers, and they are not available, then the guest may not be allowed into the country.

You need to take the validity of your passport very seriously. If it ends in less than 4 months on the day of entry, the tourist is “deployed”.

Turkey visa documents

Documents required to enter the country for more than 60 days:

  1. international passport

Valid for at least 120 days at the time of arrival.

  1. Photocopy of the passport

A photocopy of the page of the foreign passport with personal data.

  1. Questionnaire

A completed application form with a photo attached.

  1. Hotel reservation

Accommodation booking confirmation.

  1. Help from the place of work

Certificate of employment with the prescribed position and salary.

  1. Bank statement

The statement must be fresh, not older than 6 months.

  1. sponsorship letter for visa

Sponsorship letter for visa.

Documents must be submitted at least 2 months before the trip, as the consulate sends a request to Turkey.

Residence Permit

Once a year, a traveler can apply for a three-month residence permit or a so-called 90-day visa while in Turkey. To do this, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the Department for Foreigners of the Security Directorate of the city where the guest is located:

  • international passport valid for 120 days from the new dates of stay;
  • statement;
  • papers confirming the purpose of the stay – hotel reservation, rental agreement, etc.;
  • financial guarantees;
  • 4 color photographs 3 x 4 cm in size on a white background;
  • payment of permission in the amount of 160 TRY;
  • payment for the preparation of documents – 15 TRY.

This year, cases of refusals to extend a visa have become more frequent – in this way, the authorities are trying to confront people who work illegally in Turkey.

Long-term residence permit

In some cases, tourists can get a long-term visa. This applies to those who have purchased or rented real estate in the country for a long time, are traveling for work or a visitor visa, are planning to study Turkish language courses, or have married a Turkish citizen.

All these visas require a completed application form with a photo on a white background, a valid passport, documents confirming the purpose of the stay (lease agreement, work contract, invitation from the place of study, a copy of the marriage certificate, etc.), as well as a number of other papers. All visas, except for driver’s and technical visas, can be obtained upon request from Turkey, and these two must be issued at the Consulate.

Violation of terms of stay

Violation of the rules of stay is punishable by a fine and a ban on entry into Turkey for a certain time. The severity of the penalty depends on the length of the delay. The fine is paid in any case, its amount is equal to twice the cost of the residence permit for the period of violation. For example, for a two-week delay, you will have to pay 250 TRY. In case of refusal or evasion from paying the fine, violators are also prohibited from entering the territory of the state for up to 5 years. Prices on the page are for August 2022.

If a tourist stays in the country much longer than the established dates, he is prohibited from subsequent entry into Turkey:

  • from 15 days – a ban for a month;
  • from 1 month – for 3 months;
  • from 3 months – for six months;
  • from half a year – for a year;
  • from a year – for 2 years;
  • from 2 years – for 5 years.

Addresses of Security Departments in the main resorts of Turkey

  • Antalya
    Address: Siteler Mah. Gazi Mustafa kemal Bulvari, Uncali Cd/ Antalya.
    Phone: +90 (242) 227-96-10
  • Alanya
    Address: Seyh samil cadddesi Kizlarpinari Mahallesi / Merkez / Alanya.
    Phone: +90 (242) 511-23-12 (ext. 132)
  • Bodrum
    Address: Bodrum Belediye limani icerisi Gumrugu gectikten sonar.
    Phone: +90 (252) 316-80-80
  • Marmaris
    Address: Marmaris Limani Icerisi (Gumrece Yoluna Giderken).
    Phone: +90 (252) 412-16-96
  • Istanbul
    Address: Istanbul Il Emniyet Mudurlugu Fatih Vatan Caddesi Hizmet Binasi A Blok Kat:1.
    Phone: +90 (212) 636-18-61

Turkey Flag and Map