What to Visit in Yalova, Turkey

What to Visit in Yalova, Turkey

1. Walking House. Among the interesting places can be noted the Walking House (mansion of Yuruyen Köshk). It was in this house that Ataturk (the first Turkish president) stayed. The unusual name of the building was due to the fact that, by order of Ataturk, the building was moved (the reason for the transfer was the desire to preserve the old and beautiful tree). The structure was taken three kilometers to the side – carried away on special rails down the embankment. And the tree is still growing in the same place.

2. Arboretum.

The pride of the resort is a magnificent park, which contains thousands of unique Mediterranean plants and flowers. The park has a “Ladder of Love” where newlyweds come for walks and wedding photos. There are also springs with mineral water in the park.
3. Yalova embankment.
Among the interesting places that are the pride of the resort is the city embankment.
Along it are a variety of small cafes and tea-bahches, where they cook and sell a local dish, balyk ekmek – delicious fish with vegetables wrapped in pita bread.
There is also a sea pier on the embankment. Opposite the oriental bazaar, where you can buy almost any product. There is a good selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables, cheeses, sweets and other products – you can find everything from kitchen utensils to underwear. The market is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Locals, as well as a few tourists, like to walk along the coast. The city is almost always quiet and calm.
4. Park “Makhachkala”.
It is the main park of the resort, named “Makhachkala” in honor of the sister city. The park is located next to the city hall. There is also a sea pier nearby. In the center of the city park in 2011, a monument to Imam Shamil was erected. From here you can walk to most of the city’s attractions. Public transport runs from remote areas of the city to the park (you need to get off at the Park İçi Yolu stop).
5. Byzantine Church (Tarihi Kilise).
The building of the Roman period, which has survived to this day, was used as a church under Byzantium. Later, it was used as a reservoir, so an apse (vault) was added on top. As it was established, an ancient settlement was located next to the church. In confirmation of this, during excavations near the building, steles dating back to the Byzantine period were found. Some of them can be seen in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.
6. Aqualand Water Park.
The water park is half an hour drive from Yalova. A visit to the water park will be interesting for everyone. In addition to slides, a swimming school and animators, the water park has a spa center and sun loungers. Opening hours from 11:00 to 17:30. An adult ticket costs 5 €, a child ticket is 3 €, and children under four years old are free of charge.
7. Waterfall Sudushen Shelale.
The natural waterfall is a local attraction, next to which it is especially pleasant to spend time in warm weather – the sound of water, clean air and the surrounding greenery soothes. A walk to the waterfall can be a great addition to a relaxing holiday.
8. Waterfall Yedi Havuzlar.
Waterfall with rapids that form 7 ponds. On both sides of it grow pomegranate and coniferous trees and many hydrangeas.
9. Lake Dipsiz (in the village of Chinardzhik) is a beautiful forest lake.
10. Vanna Valide and Kursunlu geysers.

Where to go from Yalova.

1. Bursa.

From Yalova, you can easily organize an excellent excursion to the ancient Ottoman Bursa. Bursa is the fourth largest city in the country (behind Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir). Bursa appeared in the fourth century, and ten centuries later it became the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. During the tour, you can visit the thermal springs and hamams, admire the Great Mosque, visit local historical museums, see the Green Tomb (Yeşil Türbe) – the tomb of the fifth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed I and the Green Mosque (Yeşil Cami), decorated with Arabic script, which is located opposite the tomb.
You can get from Yalova to Bursa on large comfortable buses (ticket price 4-6 euros, travel time – 1 hour).

2. City of Nicomedia.
Izmit, which in ancient times was called Nicomedia, is located in a navigable bay. It was this convenient location that made this city an important center of logistics and trade. The history of Nicomedia has at least five thousand years. At one time, the city was the fourth largest and largest city after Rome, Antioch, Alexandria. It was during this period that beautiful palaces and majestic temples were erected on its territory.
Christians revere the city for the fact that it was in it that George the Victorious (an Orthodox saint) was executed, Panteleimon lived and was executed. There are other saints who lived in Nicomedia.
You can get from Yalova to Izmit in about an hour (the cost of public transport is 11 lire). A taxi ride will cost twice as much.

Entertainment in Yalova.
Gym (basketball, volleyball, table tennis, treadmills).
Visiting historical hamams of Byzantine times.
Hiking in the forest next to the thermal spa.
Health running with a visit to natural beauties: Üvezpınar waterfall, Gökçedere reservoir.
Bicycle tours and excursions to world-famous sights: Sudüşen selalesi waterfall, Delmece mountain plateau (Delmece tour), Iznik Lake, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, acquaintance with the Karaca arboretum.
Horse riding through the countryside, the nearest villages are Akkoy and Ortaburun, Yenimahalle.

Sea and beaches
There are two beaches in Yalova. Both are sandy with a gentle entry into the water. One central city beach, the sea near it is not very clean. The second beach is Yalova Plaji with good infrastructure, quiet and peaceful. This beach is paid.

What to Visit in Yalova, Turkey