You Can Now Also Attract Goodyear! Win Your Goodyear Outfit

The Goodyear brand is most of you probably a term that 100 years is Goodyear, one of the leaders in the field of car tires.

But now can not only cars type rubber, but we also get people to slip the possibility in Goodyear. The first Goodyear fashion has just been released: collection and I’ll show you a few of the sporty casual parts I’ve tried today on the trip in the wilderness.

In addition to the casual line that very American with great prints and comfortable cuts is present, underscores the American lifestyle of brand, there is a collection of sports by Goodyear of the experiences of Goodyear from motor sport included in the collection.

Fashion by Goodyear is already nationally represented in more than 400 stores and also in Italy and other European countries at the start or at least close. Prices are actually quite manageable – a T-Shirt costs between 20-€30, the flannel shirt from my photos is to get for €69.90 and a hoodie would cost as between 69.90 €79.90. And for the ladies, there is an own Goodyear collection.

The quality of the Goodyear is clothing really very good – both material processing are absolutely recommended and who on the American casual style is, which should look at once Goodyear, just when the T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts there to discover many beautiful designs and styles.

Thus you can also more closely meet the brand or at least a / r, Goodyear was kind enough to provide us with a hoodie and a T-Shirt in size L for a raffle available. The beautiful Goodyear set worth €100 will also receive – you then just by us home, but first you must have the correct bit of luck.

So you can win the Goodyear fashion package:
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If you known the competition, in which you the Contest Tweet retweetest or the sweepstakes-pin re pinnst or the Google + post share, you receive for each of these activities an additional lot that increases the probability of winning.
The winner will be determined on 21 November 2014 to 23.59 at random and written and informed by Facebook/E-Mail. Good luck!