Georgia Armenia and Iran tour

Georgia, Armenia and Iran tour

Basic travel information A wonderful journey of novelty to the birthplaces of ancient cultures, to the exotic and hospitable southern Caucasus and Iran. We travel to Georgia and Armenia, the oldest Christian states in the world, in the Caucasus, exploring the great historical World Heritage Sites and the Caucasian food culture. We walk through fine […]

Travel in South East Asia

Travel in South East Asia

Trips to Southeast Asia offer a wonderful variety of personal adventures, impressions and experiences. Myanmar, which we know personally like the back of our hand, can also be explored in a relaxed way from the river in a sustainable way. On a small boat, your journey takes you past temples, pagodas and villages that are […]

France Music 2

France Music

CULTURE: MUSIC. THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY In the first half of the eighteenth century J.-Ph. Rameau represented the synthesis of the great Baroque music of France. His lyrical tragedies (Hippolyte et Aricie, Les Indes galantes, Castor et Pollux) grafted on to Lulli’s models, renewing the splendors of the scenic representation and amplifying the commitment of the musical structure […]

Forestry in Norway 2

Forestry in Norway Part II

Real estate relationships and organizations Of the productive forest area, private individuals own about 77 percent, companies and co- owners 7.5 percent, the state barely seven percent, municipalities three percent and the public 5.5 percent. Norway has a larger proportion of private forests than any other country in Scandinavia. Much of the private forest is […]

Forestry in Norway 1

Forestry in Norway Part I

Forestry is the nurturing and harvesting of forests with a view to exploiting it economically. Nature and geography set the framework for Norwegian forestry. The country extends over several climate zones, from the Arctic zone to the far north to the temperate zone to the south, and the variations in climate and growth conditions are […]

Bhutan Overview

Bhutan Overview

In the land of dzongs and thunder dragons – the Kingdom of Bhutan in South Asia According to countryaah, the independent kingdom of Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia. It borders China (Tibet) in the north and India in the south. With an area of ​​just over 38,000 km², Bhutan is about […]

Africa Geology

Africa Geology

The unity of Africa is structural, that is, it depends on its geological constitution. The continent is in fact a gigantic mass of lands that have preserved their substantial structural integrity since the origins. Already when it is said that Africa is “immense and monotonous”, its structural features are implicitly defined. From this point of […]

Asia Recent History

Asia Recent History

In West Asia as defined on countryaah, a trouble spot emerged in the Persian Gulf at the beginning of the 1980s, where there was an Iranian-Iraqi war in 1980-88 and a war between Iraq and a US-led international military alliance to liberate the 1990s occupied by Iraqi troops in 1991 Kuwait came (Gulf War). The […]

American Samoa

Oceania Territories

Guam Guam (Guahan) is an island in the Pacific Ocean, with an area of ​​544 km², and an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is the southern part of the Mariana Islands. There are 162 thousand residents (2015). The capital is Hagatna (Agana). The Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães, in the service of Spain, […]

Safari Trips to Africa

Safari Trips to Africa

Africa safari trips with Tourist Travel – get unforgettable experiences Tourist Travel has many years of experience and expertise in safari trips to Africa, where great emphasis is placed on experiencing the true Africa. We especially have an immensely strong setup in Tanzania , Kenya , and South Africa . On a trip to Africa, […]

John Richard Hicks

Great Britain Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize Winner The Nobel Prize is considered to be the highest honor given to scientists, writers and peacemakers (individuals, politicians or organizations). The award goes back to the Swedish chemist, inventor and industrialist Alfred Nobel (1833–1896). Nobel had stipulated in his will that a foundation should be established with his fortune, the interest profits […]

Palomino Beach

Before Leaving for Colombia

With Tourist Travel, you get a unique opportunity to experience the best that Colombia has to offer. The experiences range from impressive coffee plantations and adventurous nature to numerous cultural experiences and relaxation on beautiful beaches. Colombia is a unique country with several areas waiting to be explored. Whether you dream of trekking in the […]

Loews Boston Hotel in the former prohibition-era police headquarters

Shopping and Living in Boston

Shopping in Boston The metropolis is proving to be a true shopping paradise. Highly recommended are the trendy and elegant shops on Newbury Street , the hidden gems in the shops on Harvard Square and the CambridgeSide Galleria , located right on the water, with its large selection of boutiques and branches of well-known department […]

Transition Ranges of Morphoclimatic Domains

Transition Ranges of Morphoclimatic Domains

Intermediate areas between morphoclimatic domains that have complex physical characteristics are called transition bands , that is, a set of ecological conditions that individualize them, making it impossible to classify them as morphoclimatic domains. They are complex landscape units that present physical characteristics of two or more morphoclimatic domains, that is, they mix or group […]

Turkmenistan School

Turkmenistan School and Higher Education

The Turkmenistan education system is closely based on the ideological guidelines of the government. At the same time, President Niyazov reformed the education system by means of the “Bilim” (education) program he designed in such a way that there is talk of a real ” fight against education “. The most momentous measures during his […]

You have to do this if you are robbed on vacation

Theft on Vacation

To be robbed while on vacation is the nightmare of many – unfortunately it happens very often! In this article I will tell you what you can do in such a situation and how you can possibly get compensation. There is probably nothing that can spoil your holiday mood more than being robbed! Money gone, […]

Best Travel Time for Brazil

Best Travel Time for Brazil

All information about the best travel time for Brazil As the largest country in South America, Brazil should definitely be on the travel list. But it’s not just the size that inspires. The different landscapes are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Amazon region and the Pantanal cast a spell over nature lovers and ecotourists. Celebrating […]

Best Time to Travel to Israel

Best Time to Travel to Israel

A thousand-year-old history, numerous sights, delicious food and dreamy beaches – that is Israel . Even if the image of conflict and unrest prevails in many minds, the beauty of the country in the Middle East cannot go unnoticed. History buffs as well as sun worshipers get their money’s worth in the country. Jerusalem with […]

Japan Attractions

Best Time to Travel to Japan

The best times to travel to activities in Japan depend on the weather conditions you need. In the following I will give you a few ideas for exciting activities on your vacation and inform you when the best travel time for your excursions is. Best travel time for the Japanese cherry blossom The best travel […]


Gothenburg Travel Guide

Gothenburg is an atmospheric city of culture. Gothenburg’s numerous museums, restaurants and cafés, little boutiques and a popular amusement park attract tourists all year round. Students, gourmets, hobbyists and families with children alike will find something to admire in the atmospheric coastal town. Museums and shopping Located on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is […]


Minsk Travel Guide

Minsk is a city of beautiful squares and many parks. Gateway to Belarus With a population of about two million, Minsk is the capital of Belarus, located in the central part of the country. Mass tourism cannot be found in Minsk – it is hard to believe that the city is only a fair flight […]

The Finnish road network

How to Get to Finland

Entry EU or Swiss citizens need a valid identity card or passport to enter the country. There are no customs controls at the borders with Sweden and Norway. Public holidays January 1st – New Years Day January 6th – Epiphany (Loppiainen) May 1st – Labor Day (Vappu) Saturday between April 20th and 26th. June – […]

Portugal 4

Travel Destinations in Portugal

By car across the country Due to the short distances, traveling by car is a recommended option in Portugal if you want to see several destinations on the same trip. Traveling between larger cities is also possible by train. Getting around cities is easy thanks to affordable public transport. Taxis are also cheap compared to […]


The Huge Potential of Ukraine

In Greater Ukraine, a tourist can spend their holidays in the eastern metropolises, on the shores of the Black Sea or even in the Carpathian ski resorts. According to countryaah, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of area. The country, still living in a slight lack of tourism, already had time […]


Sunny Dominican Republic

With Latin rhythms and sunny sandy beaches, the Dominican Republic is a laid back beach resort where worries are forgotten. The Dominican Republic wins the tourist side with its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and Caribbean hospitality. When the explorer Kristoffer Columbus once stepped on the island of Hispaniola, he described it in his diary as paradise. […]